Review: New Benefit They’re Real Liner and Lipstick

Hey Everyone

I’m a big fan of Benefit products and when i saw these new lipsticks in the latest product launches for christmas I knew I had to try them!


In this box set for £24.50 you get 4 shades of glossy lipstick with the matching lip liner built into one handy stick. The amount of product you get in a single lippy is very small but when you consider that one of these lipsticks comes in at a value of £6.13 thats not a bad price for a Benefit mini product.


The formula of the lip stick is very soft and feels very hyradting, It reminds me alot of the Too Faced La Creme colour drenched lipstick. The liner is a more solid formula than the lip stick but it is too soft to be what I would consider a lip liner.

That said the colour comination of each of these lipsticks is lovely and a super easy way to achive a ombre lip. My favourite so far is probably Lusty Rose a beautiful nudish pink colour.


The shape works very well for top lips but turning it upside down for your bottom lip I did find a bit akward and felt a bit unnatural.

the wear time seems pretty good which will hopefully make these minis stretch a bit further and finally as normal from Benefit the packaging is clean and sleek.

Although at first I thought this product might be a bit of a gimic I was suprised at just how nice they are and how well they work I just  wish you got a little more product for your money.

Here are the swatches for all four shades I do love all of them but the pinks are definitely more to my taste.





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