Current favourites September 2016

Hello Everyone

Today I’m going to share some of my current favourites with you, not just beauty but TV and hobbies I’m really enojoying too!

Please let me know if you enjoy this sort of post and I will try and do this sort of thing a bit more regularly.

First up the exciting stuff, Beauty….

Soap & Glory Supercat Liners – £6-7 from

I have talked about these liners before and these are always among my favourite products. I just can’t beat them.

Reasonably priced, Great wear time and fantastic pigment. Super easy to apply I just love these and can’t recommend them highly enough.

Black eyeliner is an absolute must as part of my everyday make up and these liners are almost always the ones I reach for.

However…They are at risk of heading for the back of the drawer… Kat Von D has landed at Debenhams. I have ordered myself her “London’s calling” set which includes her famous tattoo liner which I will do a review of.


Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip balm – £9.50 avalible from

Another product that will more than likely always be on my favourites list.

My ezcema always causes cracked dry painful lips and I have tried so many lip balms but this is the only one I have found which actaully helps. Enriched with honey even when my ezcema is at its worst a couple of applications of this stuff sorts me right out.

I always think its more like a lip mask than a lip balm and I use this in the morning as a lip prep and a thicker layer at night to “repair the days damage”

Although this is expensive, I use this every day and a pot will last me a good 6 months.


Model Co Highlighting Trio – £17 avalible from

This little gem arrived in my September Birchbox. I honestly thought it wasn’t going to be a patch on my regular seperate bronzer, blush and highlighter but it really has taken me by surprise.

In fact I have found myself reaching for this out of choice on a daily basis rather that using it for speed or the convience of space. It really does last more than long enough of an adverage working day and set with a little powder taking away some of the shimmer its not too over the top for every day either.

If your looking for an all in one space saving solution and you like a bit of shimmer in you make up I would highly recommend this one. I’m always immpressed with Model Co products.


Lastly for beauty Polaar The Orginal Lapland cream, £15.00 for 50ml from

Another sample that arrived in my September Birchbox which I have completely fallen in love with. This is such a nice moisturiser and prefect for my dry skin. It has a lovely smell and sinks into the skin really nicely.

I havent repurchased this product only because I have so many moisturisers in the drawer I want to get through first but I will buy this one again when I run out of my other moisturisers.


When it comes to things non beauty related now that I have some more spare time on my hands I have been throwing myself back into hobbies and old tv programs on Netflix (I’m loving netflix right now!)


Star Trek Voyager on Netflix

Over the last few months I have been throughly sucked into Star Trek Voyager and have made it through 5 seasons so far. I know its geeky but my mum is a devoted Trekkie and Voyager is very nostalgic for me remembering evenings curled up on the sofa with my mum.

Much to my boyfriends dismay I have been watching episode after episode, After a long day at work settling down with a cup of tea watching Seven of Nine trying to fit in and Nelix’s over enuthsiasm really has helped me chill out.

Ripper Street Series 3 – BBC monday nights 9pm

I have been watch Ripper Street since it first aired. Matthew McFadden is just Brillant as Inspector Edmund Reed, If you haven’t watched it its essentially a Murder mystery drama set in Victorian London. It follows the story of a Victorian dective who investigated Jack the Ripper during the days after Ripper.

It can be a bit gory so not one to watch with the kids but well worth a watch once they are tucked up in bed.

Cross stitch

I was taught to cross stitch in my teens by my mum. Even though I have always been creative my artistic skills have pretty much deserted me since leaving school but cross stitch has always stuck with me. Something passed down to me from my mum, I know alot of people will consider it old fashioned but its such any easy form of embroidery and I  find it very relaxing.

I will take the piece I’m working on almost anywhere…in front of the tv, during my lunch break at work, on the bus… all you need is a bit of fabric, a needle and some thread.

I have been working on and off on a large project for 3 or four years now making patches for a quilt. Once I have finished it I do hope its something which will stay in my family for a long time to come.







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