Look Incredible Deluxe Box, October 2016

Hello Everyone

So this is a bit late this month, This is going to be a bit of a long post so if your just interested in what is in the box this month then feel free to skip down a bit … I won’t be offended 🙂

I had problems with the post office picking up the box this month. If any of you read my unboxing from Look Incredible last month you will know I was really not happy with them so firstly an update on that.

I sent them a rather angry email outlining the issues I had with the box last month. In the end I had to call them after they didn’t respond to me (which of course only annoyed me more).

They said that the discription for the Deluxe box has not been changed and they have never promised 5 full sized products in the box (which is not what they said the month before when I asked them about the deluxe sized sample of eye masks the month before!)

I also asked why the value of the July standard box was higher than that of the July deluxe box and why the value of the box has been dropping month after month. I was told the issue with the value of the July box was “simply a mistake” (a pretty fundemental one if you ask me – I’m not buying that excuse!) and that the value of the box will vary month on month. I pointed out again that varying is not the same as consistently dropping and I get the feeling they are doing a cost cutting exercise on the Deluxe box.

The soloution to all of this? They offered me an extra complimentry product in my October box as a good will gesture. There was no assurances that these issues won’t crop up again.

So onto the October box contents and lets see if Look Incredible have fixed the issues.

First off is it just me or did the boxes take ages to ship this month? I didn’t get a dispatch email until very late on the 9th this month and I had to call them as royal mail did recognise my tracking number either. I finally managed to pick up the box yesterday after an arguement with royal mail. (so much for 48 hour delivery!)

This month’s edition is a collaberation with Which Beauty Box UK which I will be honest immediatly made me a bit dubious about if I would like the product picks or not. In the past I just haven’t enjoyed her reviews and her product tastes seem very different to mine, which of course is no fault of hers.
I have to say I like the products featured inside this month’s box but they just don’t have the wow factor I have come to expect of Look Incredible’s curations and again the value of the box is sitting square at £90.00 (where is that varying value they told me about?)


Let’s take a look at the contents…

Japonesque Make up setting Spray -£29.00


This is a new brand for me that I have never even heard of so I am always pleased with a brand new brand. The packaging is nice and sleek but I just don’t think I will want to reach for this product out of choice.

As far as results go I tested it out on a work day and as I expected where my normal Nyx setting powder keeps everything in place and shine free until the end of the day I had a slightly shiny t-zone and foundation wearing off in a few places by the time 5pm rolled round.

That said as far as setting sprays go this is probably the best I have tried. It has a nice smell and does deliever a very fine even spray and holds pretty well (just not as well as a traditional powder sadly) but it certainly is more hydrating than a powder so depending on what you need from a fixing solution it could be a big win.

I do like it and will use it but it doesn’t excite me enough and because it can’t out perform my beloved setting powder it doesnt make it to a must have list. Setting sprays have come a long way in thier performance recently….just not quite far enough for me.

If you can’t get on with powders and they are too drying on you I would recomend giving this a go it is expensive granted but deffinatly the best spray I have tried.

MAC Upward Lash – £19.00


Now I will always welcome MAC into my collection but black mascara just doesn’t have a “yippie” kind of feeling. I’m more than happy to give it a chance out perform my roller lash but I would be amazed if there is a girl opening this box thinking “OMG I don’t have a black mascara!” This is the type of product we buy because we “need a new one”.

It is a nice formula, gave good length and lift but it was a little bit messy to apply and a little clumpy I like the hallow brush wand which really is unbelievibly small but makes it a little bit more akward to handle. I still prefer my Roller lash and don’t think I will be replacing it any time soon.

I like it and will deffinatly used it regularly it’s just not making me giggle like a giddy kid at christmas.

Too faced Lip Liner in Perfect Red – £15.00


Again always ready to welcome more Too Faced into my collection but we have had alot of it recently and I would have prefered a different brand.

This is a nice colour even if it is very rare I wear a red. That said I always feel Autumn is a good time for reds with the leaves turning orange, so its at least good timing for this colour.

As always with Too Faced, lovely packaging and the product is lovely and creamy with excellent staying power. I may even just used this as a colour on it’s own and yet more beautiful packaging from Too Faced which seems criminal to throw away (I’m sticking to my rule about no excess packaging!)

Aromatherapy Assosiates Support Breathe Roller ball – £17.00


I was very surprised that actually I don’t mind the smell of this. I thought it was going to be a extremely medicinal type smell but actually its quite mild, it kind of reminds me of Fox’s glacier mints (do they even make those anymore?!) Which I used to love as a kid.

It does fade quite quickly on the skin but it will be nice on stuffy cold nights.

This is definately not something I would have picked up for myself but it could come in handy and its nice to get something a bit different.

Neutrogena make-up remover wipes x 2 – £10.00


So bit of a bonus item this month in these make-up remover wipes. Neutogena is a brand which I can always rely on to do what it says on the tin. I have said before I avoid face wipe because my skin just seems to hate them.

They are ok every once in a while but no more than that. The smell is fine and they dont feel terribly drying which is the problem I have with most wipes but I still wouldn’t want to push my luck.

They do remove make-up very effectivly. I have a perticular black eyeliner which is a bit of a pig to remove but it does ok with that.

I will throw these in a drawer in case of travel needs but I certainly wouldn’t use them on a regular basis.

Lastly the complimentry product

…Wasn’t there! I called them and was told that the staff who pack the boxes either hadn’t seen the note on the account or are “sometimes just too lazy” … yeah that fills me with confidence!

They apologised to me again and promised it would be sent out today to be with me by saturday so we shall see.

The mascara, lip liner and setting spray alone are good value for money at £35 for the box including shipping and cosmetics are the main reason I like this box so much (even if this month hasn’t been that exciting). However normally there is at least one product in the box I’m very pleased with (last months Too Faced Selfie Powder pallet for example). The box is still very worth while its just a shame this month (In my opinion) is a bit of a non-event.

What did you guys think this month?


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