Review: Body shop Camomile Cleansing butter

Hey Guys

So first thing lets get the obvious change out of the way! I’m sure you will notice my photos have changed dramatically. I was talking to my boyfriend about how utterly useless I am with a camera and found out he is a secret Photography geek … He pulled out a massive box of cameras and lens from the loft and I set him to work.

I knew in the past he had enjoyed taking pictures but I had never realised he was so into photography. So the new photos are entirely down to him. We still have a few creases to iron out (some quite literally) but I think they look so much better.

Anyway onto the important stuff! I haven’t been into the Body Shop for years but I have been hearing alot of good things recently about their make-up and skin care.

I was in town and it seemed rude not to pop in 🙂 and here is what I picked up.


My skin has been responding really well to the Eve Lom cleasner that arrived in my Birchbox earlier this month.

I think that might be down to the camomile in it so I decided to give this one a try. Still more expensive than my regular cleanser but its a whole lot cheaper than Eve Lom!

It doesn’t have the same kind of texture out of the pot being more of a butter consistency but it does feel very balmy when you rub it into the skin and does a good job of leaving my face squeaky clean, the camomile in it seems to be doing the trick of calming my skin down.

This has a much milder botanical smell than the Eve Lom has (I rather like the strong smell but it’s not for everyone). It’s very smooth in consistency and melts on contact with the skin as it warms up.

This one comes in at £10 for 90ml rather than the £55 for 100ml for Eve Lom and thats a massive difference so is the Eve Lom worth the extra?

Honestly I would have to say no based on how well this works and how similar it is to the Eve Lom. Granted the more expensive option is better but it’s just not an extra £45 worth of better.

If you your have irrated skin that just needs some soothing then I would really recomend giving this stuff a go. a 90ml pot will last for ages using it morning and night plus it cuts through make-up a removes it like a breeze!

I’m so excited to have re-discovered Body Shop. Do you guys have an recomendations from them worth checking out?


8 thoughts on “Review: Body shop Camomile Cleansing butter

  1. Tbs also has a chamomile cleansing oil that you may want to try. The oil’s a bit more expensive (Us$21 compared to $16 or $18$) but you get a ton of product!


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