The right tools…My favourite brushes

Hey everyone

So today I would like to talk about brushes. We all know having the right brush for the job is important to the finish we achive but alot of the time its personal preference.

Like when it comes to our foundation there are so many techinques now for application it really is about what you prefer and feel more comfortably with than anything. Personally I prefer a nice fluffy buffing brush, right or wrong its just the way I’m used to and feel most comfortable with.

This post is in no way intended to tell you your doing anything wrong it is only ment to be a recommendation of some of my favourite beauty tools that I use every day.


Nyx number 3 Multi-purpose Buffing brush -£14 from Boots

I’m starting out with my absolute favourite of the bunch…I LOVE this thing.

If I lost my entire collection this is the one I would immediatly re-purchase. Beautifully soft and dense so liquid foundation doesn’t soak in and make a mess.

You really can blend in pretty much anything with this beauty and I have never known it to shed and hairs.

I keep this pretty much just for liquid foundation and it makes it so quick and easy to apply. I always like the sleek straight black design of Nyx’s brushes.


Real Techniques Blush brush – £8.99 from Superdrug/boot/just about anywhere

If you love beauty and you don’t know how good Real Technique’s brushes are … where have you been hiding?!

This is one of my favourites out of the Real techniques range and it is well used. Again very soft and fluffy, the white tips make it easier to see the product your applying and I love the coloured metal handles.


Real Techniques Large Powder Brush – £11.99 again from just about everywhere…

Another winner from Real Techinques this brush makes really short easy work of any powder but particularly the loose varities.

I used a loose setting powder and I just cant be bothered with titchy so-called powder brushes.

This one again never sheds, has the white tips and the pretty smooth coloured handle. It is very large but it my book thats a plus.


MAC 217 blending brush – £20 from MAC

Not very often I recomend spending this much on a brush out this one is outstanding.

Nice sleek black design white soft fluffy white bristles. This did shed one or two hairs the first time I cleaned it but it never has since.

It is slightly oval shaped which means you can turn it sideways and get right into the crease of your eyelid.

Apart from a flat shader brush this is the only eye brush I use.


The Spectrum Wonder Sponge – £5 from Birchbox

Ok so not techincally a brush but the Beauty blender dupe is amazing.

For the days where I have a bit more time and want and extra flawless base I use this.

Far cheaper than a Beauty blender and in my opinion just as good. It has the traditional shape (if it aint broke don’t fix it) of the round end for large areas and the pointy end for nooks and crannies.

It lovely and soft when wetted down and doesn’t hang onto exccess moisture. I just wish they made a micro verson for concealer!


Lastly Freedom Pro Studio Solid Brush bath – £10 from Superdrug/

So after all that you need something to clean your brushes with! This solid cleanser is brilliant and so quick. Just wet the brush, a couple of swirls in the cleanser and the rub the brush in the palm of your hand and rinse. Clean in seconds!

My brushes always look brand new when they have been cleaned with this (I cleaned them all before these pictures where taken and they were pretty darn mucky…)

I try to clean my brushes about once a week and this pot of cleanser is still almost full after 6 months of use so it will last forever!


Do you guys have any favourites you just couldn’t live without?



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