Training salons – Worth the savings or too risky?

Hey everyone

So if I am being honest I’m really rubbish at not taking as much care of my hair as I should. I may visit the hair dressers for a tidy up once a year and by that time I’m suffering with mismatched length and split ends.

Personally I hate the fact that a decent hairdresser costs so much and that normally means I end up avoiding it as much as possible. In the past I have used Supercuts but even so that still ends up being £35-40 and with no appointments you always end up waiting a long time before even getting the job done.

With a wedding coming up I really did need to get my mop tidied up so my boyfriend suggested he had seen a college training salon in the centre of town. We went to have a look and I honestly couldn’t believe the prices! for a cut and blow dry by a second year student £7.50!

Being a training salon it did make me a bit worried that it could be a bit of a risk but for that kind of saving I thought it was worth giving a go. So I booked an appointment and he decided that for the grand total of £5 he would book himself a beard tidy and head shave at the same time.

So come Wednesday evening we finished work and pootled into town together. I have to say I’m very impressed! The young lady who took on the challenge of my bird’s nest was very nice, chatty and extremely polite. She did take her time so it did take a bit longer than I would have expected but honestly I don’t mind that.

I think she has done a excellent job and I will deffinatly be going back. She gave me some advice on colours for putting some highlights in next time I go just to break up the mass of block colour that is my hair and I’m all for that idea!

I will deffinatly being going back there again! For the cut and blow dry the total came is at £7.50 so not hidden extras either. She did a fantastic job and her instructor checked it too and also commented on what a good job she had done. She did ask to take a picture of the back for her portfolio which of course I said was fine.

I’m really chuffed to bits and the salon itself had a really nice atmosphere.

Would you risk a training salon or have you used one before? I’d love to hear about your experiences too!


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