Review: QVC Tarte Radiance from the Rainforest Collection

Hello Everyone

So most of you will know I have be dying to add some Tarte cosmetics to my collection. It can be extremely expensive and even more so if your import from the US so I have been keeping my eye on QVC.

They do these special offers daily so I have kept my eyes peeled waiting for a Tarte collection to crop up and it finally has!

I paid the special price for this collection of £39.98 (this has now gone upto £70) and I think you will agree for Tarte Cosmetics that’s a steal!

It arrived well packaged in a lovely large purple box, inside everything was securely packaged in a plastic tray.


First Item in the box was this Gold branded Tarte cosmetics bag.

Really well made square shaped bag with plenty of room. I will hang onto this as my traveling wash bag/make up bag.

Lovely colour and material with satin purple lining to match the colour scheme of the set. It will be useful but honestly I’m not fussed about another bag and thats not the reason I bought this set.

Next the exciting stuff!

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation in Fairly Light Neutral.


The foundation I wanted to try was the liquid Amazonian Clay but this is the next best option.

Beautifully packaged with its gold and purple colour theme and the pump works very smoothly.

It is very light weight feeling without any greaseness and blends in beautifully. The colour is a perfect for me at the moment but we will see what happens in the depths of winter.

I am really enjoying this so far and used with the buffing brush included in the set it makes for an excellent streak free full coverage base.

Moving on to the Double ended foundation brush…


Continuing with the purple and gold theme. I actually think this brush is the biggest win of the whole collection.

It has a great weight to it and is beautifully designed. It has a large flat side for buffing and a smaller angled side for getting into those akward spots.

The brush fibers are wonderfully soft but densly packed so the brush actually works in the product rather than just soaking it up.

I expect I will get alot of use out of this brush and I’m very pleased to have it in my collection.

I don’t think you can get this brush anywhere apart from with the foundation on QVC.

Next is the Rainforest of the Sea Blush and Eyeshadow pallet.


Again continuing the beautifully packaged theme with a well made gold plastic case with a stunning purple shell pattern and a large mirror inside. The casing almost has a look and feel of metal rather than plastic.

It houses a generously sized Amazonian clay blusher is Mystique, a kind of soft purplely mauve colour.

It is very fine and blends very well. Feels very light to wear and lasts well.

The six eyeshadows in the pallet again are stunning shades and right up my street with a mix of matts and shimmers. Really blendable and good longevitivy. I have had a slight issue with creasing but thats me applying in a rush and the pigmentation is pretty darn good too!

The feel of the whole pallet is just very luxrious and a real pleasure to use.

Next up is the Amazonian Clay Glide on Eye liner.


This packaging is a little bland compared to everything else but still well made and sturdy, with a twist tip and a little blender on the other end for a smokey eye.

It has a very smooth creamy consistency with great pigmentation making it perfect for either clean clat flicks or smokey smudges.

I normally avoid pencil type liners but this one is more inbetween the pencil and felt tip type I normally go for so I have taken quite well too it and it will certainly get used up but I still wouldn’t choose it over a felt tip liner.

Next Opening act eye lash primer and Lights, Camera, Lashes duo


I have heard so many good things about both this primer and mascara so I’m glad it has been included in this set, I have been wanting to try both out for a while.

While I’m never sure if eyelash primers actually help this one is nice goes on thinly and seperates and lengthens. It certainly seems to be a good base for the mascara.

Having heard so many rave reviews about the mascara I was really keen to give this a go and I wasn’t disapointed.

I have fairly long lashes anyway but this really give them the volume the need. Its a nice formula and seperates the lashes well. It holds up well all day. It is quiet thick and heavy feeling though so if you like a light mascara I doubt you will get on with this one.

 Last thing in the set is is the Tarte Coconut Oil Lipstick.


A beautiful dusty rose/mauve colour which again is right up my street. It works so well with the shades of eyeshadow and blush. It gives the whole set the feeling of being well matched and well thought out.

Its a very creamy consistency but being a creamy/oil based product it doesn’t have good staying power and can be quite messy (can’t get away with avoiding liner liner on this one!). Thanks to the coconut oil it feels very moisturing. It feels like your doing something good for your pout and getting a lovely shade to boot.

Overall I’m really happy with this collection and it is just as good as I had hoped it would be. The colour selection is lovely and really well co-ordinated.

The delivery from QVC was well within the quoted five working days and for the price even when you include the delivery this is a no brainer.

If your looking to add Tarte to you collection I’d say its well worth keeping and eye on QVC 🙂



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