Update: Battle with Look Incredible

Hey Everyone

As some of you might know if you have been reading my Look Incredible box reviews over the last few months you will know I haven’t been impressed with them recently.

After a ongoing battle with them that has lasted a few months it has finally come to a conclusion. You might recall they offered to send me an extra product as a good will gesture. In the end I had to call them three times to chase it up I was just on the point of giving up when it finally turned up!

I’m so glad I didn’t give in because look what they sent! a NARS eye shadow stick! I’m so impressed with this as a good will gesture and I have to say Look Incredible you are immediatly forgiven and it has been worth the wait!


Now some of you might be thinking “well she is easily won over and shallow” but hold on let me explain my reasoning…

Partly yes your right…I’m a sucker for a high end brand and this is my first ever NARS product…ever so slightly excited!

The main reason I’m so impressed with this is because I thought when they offered it, it was a way of just getting me off their backs and something like a revlon nail polish would turn up in the post and it would feel last a lack luster effort on their part. 

I honestly think that this shows they are thinking about what’s appropriate and being a high end brand it makes more suitable as a complementry product for the high end box.

Also they haven’t just sent “any old colour they can’t actually sell” It’s a nice colour and pretty wearable as apposed to sending a bright green or something which wouldn’t be as usable.

The colour I got was Trash which is a beautiful dark purple colour. the product itself was in good condition and nothing made me think it could in anyway be a cast off they wouldn’t be able to sell for whatever reason. Its a nice creamy formula and blends really well so you could go as lighy or dark as you like.

These pencils retail for about Β£15 – Β£18 so thats great value and makes me feel more valued as a customer.

Your deffinatly back in my good books Look Incredible! roll on the November edition.


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