Review: Lush Lemony Flutter Cutical Butter

Hello everyone and happy Sunday:)

When I popped into Lush last week and picked up the Salted Coconut hand scrub I also picked up this cuticle butter.

The intention is to take better care of my hands and start experimenting a bit more with my nail colours but there is no point in that if my hands look rough.

First thing I will say about this butter is it smells amazing! This has a strong lemon scent so If you’re not keen on lemon I doubt you will like it. It does have a bit of a weird texture and I can see why they would call it a butter, very creamy and melts straight into the skin leaving its lovely lemon scent on the skin for a long time.

I have been using this every morning since my nails and cuticles are a complete mess right now and it really seems to be helping soften the hard cuticles. Once I’m happy they are in a better condition I will probably use this more like twice a week.

You only need the tiniest amount to do both hands so a small pot of this will last for ages. It costs £6.95 for the 50ml pot I picked up which I think is good value when you consider it’s entirely possible it could go out of date before you even used it all.

As part of a regular hand care routine I would recommend Lush’s hand care products and I think Salted Coconut probably makes it to the top of my favourite lush products list but this one comes in at a very close second.

Anyone else tried Lush’s hand care products? any more you think I should check out?


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