Review: November Look Incredible Deluxe 2016

Happy Saturday lovelies!!

Hope your all having a fantastic weekend so far. so today I have the November Deluxe box from Look Incredible for you.

Now I’m not the only one who feels that the Deluxe box has been somewhat lacking lately and as some of you will know I have had my own ongoing battle with them.

I must say this month again has been mixed reactions but personally in my opinion I do think they have tried to step up their game a bit and this month they have pulled back a little bit of the old wow factor they seemed to have lost over the last few months.

This month’s box comes in with a total value of £102.96. Finally, the value has gone up after sitting at £90 or below for at least the last three months! 

Let’s dive into the box and take a look!

First up Marc Jacobs Sheer Gel Lipstick in Anais- £24.00

My first ever Marc Jacobs product!!…yes I’m a bit excited about this one. I expected great things from this product and I do like it but I’m not sure I love it.

It is a beautiful nude and because it is sheer (once set in, blotted etc.) it will suit a variety of skin tones.

I’m obsessed with the clever sleek packaging too. with its little magnet that “snaps” it shut. 

I feel very moisturising but being a sheer/glossy finish the wear time isn’t something to rave about. 

Never the less I whole heartedly welcome it into my collection and expect to get a lot of use from this one.

Next up Hi Impact Brow Palette – £18.99

Ok so when I opened the box I was immediately disappointed with this. I’m very fussy about my brow products and powder brows are never my first choice.

How wrong I was!! this is my far my favourite product in the box! super quick and easy to apply plus it comes with a little brush which I really like.

It has a range of four shades so there is a choice for everyone including a red which is unusual. The powders are very fine and pigmented so you need very little for that killer brow.

A lot of people have said “but its a waste I don’t need 4 shades for my eyebrows” now bear in mind Look Incredible can’t cater for everyone’s specific brow colour so I think it’s great they have managed to include a product which is shade dependant and most people should find or able to blend a match from this palette. Also, you might not need 4 shades of eyebrow colour but will you welcome the other shades as eyeshadows? because they work pretty darn well for that too!

This little beauty is going straight to the top of my favourites list!

Next Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Indian Summer – £24.99

Again, chuffed to bits with this product pick and I am loving the nudes theme going on. I have been wearing so many bold colours recently it makes a nice change of pace.

The two shades complement each other beautifully with one shimmer and one matte. The darker matte colour kind of reminds me off cinnamon powder type colour and the lighter shimmer is simply stunning.

Extremely blendable and very pigmented they were everything and more than I expected from a brand like NARS.

Next item Ahava Dead Sea Salt Butter Scrub – £16.99


A brand I have never heard of but after falling in love with the Lush Salted Coconut Scrub I’m excited to give the one a go.

Firstly, the size of the pot is great, 235ml is a lot of product and the packaging is nice and smart too.

This is like a salt exfoliator and body butter rolled into one (less effort is always a winner for me) the salt exfoliates and as it rubs away your left with a wonderfully moisturising butter to rub in afterwards…what’s not to love??

The smell is lovely very mild but just a little bit of something nice. its suitable for sensitive skin and paraben free too. I tried this out on my legs in the shower and honestly any horrible dry skin has been immediately banished and instead just feels very smooth and soft.

Lastly Spa Retreats Induglgence Hand & Body Lotion – £17.99


I know a lot of people hate the smell of rose, it can be very over powering and this one certainly is very strong but I like it.

Highly moisturising I will probably use this as a hand lotion and on my shins (that’s where I get the worst of my itchy dry skin). the bottle is massive at 275ml so would take me forever to get through it just as a hand lotion.

The purple and gold packaging feels very luxe and it wouldn’t feel out of place in a posh hotel or even a spa. Considering I’m just starting to take better care of my hands this couldn’t have come at a better time.

It contains vitamin E and almond oil to keep everything smooth soft and hydrated.

I do think Look Incredible have stepped up to the plate this month after a few months of lacking effort and I’m so pleased to be able to do a positive review for the first time in months!

Please keep in up Look Incredible I’m rooting for an outstanding Christmas edition!


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