Review: Body Shop Vitamin E Serum and Intensive Moisturiser

Happy Friday lovelies! The weekend is finally here!

So today I have another review from my Monday haul. I picked up this duo from the Vitamin E range. I have heard such good things about it in the past and with my skin getting back to it’s dry winter state now seemed a good time to give this range a go.



I love the pale pink packaging with the serum packaged in a glass bottle with a little pippet and the cream in a solid little 50ml tub. I bought these two as a duo pack for £20.00 which means these are certainly not budget beauty but they arn’t absurdley expensive either.

I love the smell of this range it reminds me of a talc my mum used to have when I was a kid and that makes it even more enjoyable to use.

The serum is actually called a “serum-in-oil” and I understand why, it definatly has a more “facial oil”feel to it. It’s an over night serum so put it on before bed and leave it to sink in slowly.

I have used this every night since Sunday night and in the mornings my skin has felt very soft and hydrated so it definatly does what it says on the tin. This doesn’t need a moisturiser on top since it’s already like a super shot of hydration.

It also seems to have helped make my skin a bit smoother and it’s only getting better! I love this serum/face oil and if your winter skin is already in need of a helping hand I would highly recomment this one.

The Intense Moisture cream has the same lovely scent as the serum, It’s one of the thickest creams I have ever used. It has 72hr moisture so I haven’t been using it everyday. It absorbs amazingly well considering it is such an intenstive moisturiser I did think it would be slower to absorb than it was.

It has the strangest jelly like texture in the pot it almost bounces back when you press it. The cream is as good as the serum in that it does exsactly what it is suppost to but again I’d be more inclined to use it at night. There is no way this one is going to sit well under your makeup.

That’s four products now I have tried from Body Shop and honestly I have yet to find one I don’t completely love! I haven’t been into Body Shop for years until recently but I have immedatly been converted.

Does anyone else have any recommendation for Body Shop gems I need to try?


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