Top picks: The Highlight of Highlights

Hey lovelies! It’s been a while since I posted, work has been manic so I took a few days off posting.

It’s been ages since I have done one of these top picks posts and I have recently picked up a few outstanding new highlighters so I thought I would pull out a few favourites for you.

I love a good Highlighter, it’s amazing just how much shape and definition it can add to your face. I’m a girl who loves a bit of shimmer so when I see a nice shimmery highlighter on the shelf I’m just drawn to it…to be honest I could say that about anything beauty related.


So, my dressing table has a box full of just highlighters but which are the ones I love the most? Honestly it was very difficult to narrow it down but here are the ones I reach for the most.

The Balm Cosmetics “Mary Lou” Highlighter


This was probably the first highlighter I ever bought, it is well used but still one of my favourites. It’s not overly scary when it comes down to the shimmer but it has the most gorgeous golden honey colour.

Easily blendable and buildable this one is great for multiple uses. Either a very light shimmery power, a stronger highlight, it even makes the most amazing eyeshadow colour.

It is a pricey option but the amount of product you get is a lot and will last you a very long time. I have used this as an everyday option for nearly a year now and I’m still not even half way through the compact.

Soap and Glory Hocus Focus


Soap and Glory I think is a brand which overlooked much too often. Granted it’s not that cheap when is comes to “drugstore” cosmetics but it really packs a punch. This beautiful white highlighter has loads of shimmer to it and blend out very easily.

A word of warning though this is a liquid highlighter and it’s about a liquid as it is possible to get. You don’t need very much of this, just a dot will be enough to highlight cheek bones, nose, cupid’s bow and anything else you feel like.

Again, the amount of product you use compared to how much product you get for your money is very good. This bottle will last a long time.

Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice


This palette has been big news in the beauty world and for good reason. I’m obsessing over anything in gold or rose gold and this is a very pretty little palette. Reasonably priced with 4 shades. 3 powder and one cream, 2 cool lilac shades and 2 warmer toned shades. One of the cooler tones and one of the warmer tones are baked powder and just look simply stunning

All the shades are extremely shimmery which I love but it could be a little much for some people. Over all you get a lot of product for you money but I love the fact you get smaller amounts of 4 shades rather than a lot of one.

This palette is just so stunning and I’m completely in love.

How about your favourites?


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