Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Happy Friday Lovlies šŸ™‚

So that is the last full week of November done! Yay for Christmas count down! With the run up to Christmas I’m deffinatly ready for more Chrismassy reds but my usual gel polish presents a bit of a problem.

I’m a big fan of gel manicures and until now I have been a devoted fan to Sensational Gel polish. I hate polish which just chips instantly so I always go for something a bit tougher that will last a bit longer.

I love Sensationail but sometimes it can feel a bit too long lasting and by the time my nails are ready for a fresh mani I’m bored of the colour. So I have been wishing for something which is tough and has the finish of a gel mani but is a bit easier to change more regularly and the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel might just be the answer to my dilema.


With a huge range of colours, this two step system has special photo sensitive ingredients in both the colours and the top coat. the two react together in natural light to cure the polish. The discription for this polish claims 14 days wear time but only time will tell.

Even if it doesn’t hold up for a full 2 weeks I’m going to be more than ready for a change of colour by then anyway but the thing I like about this stuff is it comes off just like regular nail polish.

a full on Gel manicure can be pretty roughly on your nails especially removing it so if this stuff removes in the same way as normal polish that is going to save my nails alot of pain and suffering.

When I first applied it I was amazed as just how quickly this dries and cures without the help of a UV light. It’s touch dry very quickly and completely sets within an hour. Yes during that time it is still soft and pliable so you can still dent it or press marks into it.

Once it sets it really does feel like a proper gel manicure with the same thick, tough feeling coating. You do have to apply quickly because of the fact it dries so quickly but assuming you do the finish is streak free and highly glossy.

I’m going finish writing this post over a week or so to see just how well this gel holds up under day to day wear and tear.

Day 1 application 

It went on very smoothly, and high shine finish. Few bumps here and there but that was just me being clumsey before completely curing.

It feels pretty tough so, so far so good šŸ™‚

Day 5

So by now I’m already feeling it’s time for a colour change and it’s maybe just as well.

The polish has been pretty tough and I have been just as rough on it as I would have been with my normal gel polish. Today it has really started give up the ghost and its not even close to the claims of 14 day wear yet. 

First I noticed cracks forming in the colour under the top coat, then the chips started coming thick and fast. The free edges of the nail are fine as long as you cap the properly it seems to hold up well but around the cuticles is another matter. it just seems to be peeling away.

You might be able to see some of the damage in the photos and yes they still loom ok from a distance but honestly from a polish with gel properties I expected better especially when you consider this is Ā£10 per bottle.


Ok so this was just as easy as the claims on the bottle. I used an ordinary remover on a cotton pad (Cutex Nourishing) and it came off just like a normal nail polish.

As I said previously removing gel polish can be incredibly damaging on your nails. With risking breakages, splitting and the worst side effect of dehydration I had almost forgotten that you can actually do something helpful for your nails when removing your polish. 

All in all as a regular polish I’m impressed with the results but as a semi-gel I really don’t think this is worth the price tag. 

Everyone is different thought so you might find this works better for you. Has anyone else tried this? does it work well for you or did you find it a bit disapointing too?


3 thoughts on “Review: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

  1. Great post! I completely agree – it’s a lovely polish with a nice finish but mine also chipped after about five days. But it didn’t dry out my nails like some gel polishes, so that was good at least.


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