Review: Look Fantastic Advent Calendar Week 1

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

So It’s finally time to start talking advent calendar contents! Back in late October/early November I posted up that my supersized Advent calendar from Look fantastic had arrived. I have been itching to get into it but with a bit of will power borrowed from the boyfriend I have resisted.

My plan is to show you a week of the contents at a time through December so this post doesn’t end up being ridiculously long winded and I can get a few days to try the products out and give you my first impressions.

Now I already know what in this calendar through other blog posts and early reviews but I’m posting the contents as we go because I don’t want spoil it for those who don’t want spoilers. I can say there isn’t a single thing in the calendar that I have already tried or I’m just not excited about. It’s chock-a-block full of amazing products at a seriously impressive value at £300 and retail price of £70. I will defiantly be pre-ordering next years and soon as I can.

Anyway, onto week 1 contents!

DSC03018 (002).JPG

Day 1 -15ml Pixie by Petra Glow tonic

I love getting iconic products in beauty boxes. When you haven’t tried them it’s so exciting to see what all the fuss is about. Some how you feel like you have joined an exclusive club for discerning beauty queens and to get a product as iconic as this one on the first day just promises exciting things to come!

Now it is a very small sample but it is more than enough to decide if you like it or not. I already use a Glycolic acid toner and I’m always the first to rave about Glycolic acid. The toner I use is as far as I can make out the same as the Pixie version just ALOT cheaper (It’s the Freedom makeup version if you’re wondering…) so It’s been interesting to see if the Pixie one is any better for the money.

Honestly even though I can’t figure out what the difference is somehow it does feel nicer. I felt like it gave pretty much the same result but it felt less harsh on my skin. unlike the Freedom one it does have a mild smell but it’s not unpleasent.

DSC03023 (002).JPG

Day 2 – 70ml Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Magic Touch Body Cream

This is the only product in the calendar I have tried before but I’m not disappointed to have another travel size tube of this. Beautifully thick and absorbs nicely. The smell is beautiful too and lingers on the skin with a mix of organic rice milk and cherry blossom making it a very classic oriental scent.

The reason I love this body cream so much is it works wonders for the Eczema on my shins where is can get particularly bad and I can easily find myself bleeding through scratching. I don’t know what it is about this cream but once application of this will stop my eczema giving me any issues for at least a week. A task in which E45 fails.

A travel size is always welcome to throw in my wash bag.

DSC03030 (002).JPG

Day 3 – Inika Loose powder mineral blush in Blooming Nude – Full size 3g

Vegan friendly brand Inika has been included on Day 3 and I’m so pleased to see it! While I’m not a vegetarian let alone a vegan I know how hard it can be to find brands suitable for everyone.

The powder is very fine and highly pigmented as well as a beautiful colour. Granted it might be a bit on the smaller side compared to other similar products it’s still more than plenty to last a good long while.

the packaging is lovely too clean, sleek and simple with a closure inside the pot to stop powder flying everywhere when you inevitably tip it upside down in your make-up bag!

DSC03022 (002).JPG

Day 4 – 5ml This Works Sleep Plus

Another wonder product that so many people rave about and I have been dying to try for so long! I was very excited when I found out this was in the calendar.

It essentially just a calming lavender linen spray for your pillow to help you drift off into a peaceful sleep. I struggle getting to sleep, once I’m out then I sleep very deeply but it can take me hours to get there.

I tried to make my own version of this once using witch hazel, distilled water and lavender oil. While it helped the smell just didn’t stick around long enough for me to drift off.

I have used this for the last 3 nights and it’s just so much better than my home-made version. It hangs around for ages more than long enough to help me drift off.

I will keep using it until this sample runs out but if sleeping carries onto be this easy I might well be convinced to part with the money for the full size even though it is expensive.

DSC03024 (002).JPG

Day 5 – 25ml MoraccanOil Hair Treatment

Another iconic product that I have never had the chance to try…until now! Time and again I have heard so many good things about this hair oil. It is the original oil that got people addicted to these kind of hair treatments.

This is a brilliant sized sample when you consider how much product you will use on your hair at once, even on hair as long and thick as mine. The smell is wonderful and lingers on the hair but I can’t pin down what the smell is I just know I like it.

I have been enjoying using this on dry hair as well as damp. It gives me a beautiful glossy shine and makes my hair super soft. It defiantly feels nourishing.

DSC03033 (002).JPG

Day 6 – 25ml Monu Illuminating Primer

Monu is a brand I have heard of but I never see too many reviews about it. I love a primer and if its “Illuminating” all the better. This does have SPF 15 so gives you some protection although that’s less of a concern in winter.

This primer feels more like a moisturiser but it does seem to make a good base for make-up. It’s a nice product and good for a change but it’s not replacing my beloved Laura Mercier any time soon.


Day 7 – Nude Stix Lip pencil in Whisper – full size 2.4g

This is a brand I had heard of in passing but never considered and has never been on my want list but I’m so impressed with it! It kind of reminds me a bit of the Lord and Berry Maxi Matte but slightly creamier.

The nude colour with a hint of pink is beautiful and the matte colour may not be as budge proof as the Lord and Berry it certainly can hold its own.

It comes with a built-in sharpener at the other end which I love because let’s face it, it’s one of life’s little annoyances when you have a lovely lip pencil that’s a non-standard size and difficult to sharpen with your standard size sharpener!


So, That’s the first week of the Look Fantastic Advent calendar and I think they have started it off very impressively.

What do you guys think? Have you got this calendar did you enjoy week 1 as much as I did?

18 more sleeps till Christmas! – is it too early to break out the mince pies…?


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