Review: Look Incredible Deluxe Box December 2016

Happy Tuseday Lovelies 

So, another day another box review… this time we have the Look Incredible Deluxe December Edition. I have been looking forward to this one as I thought they might push the boat out for a Christmas edition.

I’m in two minds about it to be honest. I like the cosmetics pick this month but I’m seriously disappointed with the skincare picks, it just doesn’t feel like much effort has gone into it.

Some of you will know my love for this subscription box has been up and down ever since I started getting them and it still is. I just don’t get the feeling of consistency from it.


Let’s take a look at the contents…

First up Spa Retreats Signature Nourishing Hand Lotion – £13

I’m starting with the skin care because I want to get my gripes out of the way.

Last month we got the Rose Body lotion and I really didn’t hear many good this about it. The product wasn’t popular with the majority of subscribers due to its extremely strong scent and this one is no different only this time I really can’t stand the smell.

Never the less I have given it a chance to grow on me…it hasn’t! Regardless of the smell it isn’t even the best hand cream I have ever used and it’s not cheap either at £13.00 for 75ml but the thing that irritates me more about this pick is the fact that they have included a product from the same brand after such a poor reception to it last month. Why are Look Incredible not listening to their customers?

I just don’t find a hand cream exciting as a product. It’s not something I really need either as I don’t get particularly dry hands, even more so since I started training as a Beauty therapist and my hand are constantly covered in various lotions, potions and submersed in water.


Next Elemis Pro Collagen Hydra Gel Eye masks x 2 – £13.00

Now this one really annoyed me for two reasons. Firstly, Look Incredible promise never to send sample size products and these eye mask retail in packs of 6. So, Correct me if I’m wrong but a pack of 2 makes this a Deluxe size sample??

Secondly did that first gripe seem familiar? yes well that would be because I said exactly the same thing about the same product only 2 or 3 months ago, They sent out the same product in the same pack size then too. So why are they including it again?!

The product itself is lovely very hydrating and I have been using them to tackle the baggy aftermath of late night assignment writing (which happens more often than it should) I’m not 100% sure on the science behind it but somehow it manages to calm my baggy puffy under eyes making me look more like a normal human being again.

The only drawback with these is that as with everything else from Elemis they are pricey and I’m sure you could find a cheaper alternative with similar if not the same ingredients that would do the same job.


Next Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Audrey – £22.00

Ok so with my grumpy tantrum out of the way let’s get to the good stuff. Yes, they have sent us another lip colour in red…and while some of you are screaming “BUT I HATE RED it’s just not my colour” give it a go and maybe surprise yourself.

I’m a big fan of Laura Mercier products they are always just amazing quality and perform fantastically. This one is probably a new favourite. This is the perfect red for me, slightly on the darker side, settles down to a almost matte finish but is still super creamy and comfortable to wear.

The most amazing thing about this lip colour though? The staying power! I could not believe it! For a creamy formula which you would think is prone to smudging and fading sticks better than anything I have ever tried! I applied this first thing in the morning to get a full day test out of it at about 8am. I didn’t touch up all day (In fact I left the lippy at home when I went out) and when I got home at about 6pm it was so close to perfect I was amazed, only the tiniest bit of fading. I hate to take it off at that point as I had a client in the evening but it could have gone much longer.

Being a cream formula I didn’t attempt to without a lip liner (I used Too Faced Perfect Lips in Perfect Red which was a great match for it) so I cannot comment on feathering but my suspicion is it would be bad.

I may consider purchasing this in other colours regardless of the cost just because it has been so good.


Smashbox Photo Angle Gel Liner – £18.00

this was the make-up product I was least impressed by this month. I seem to have bagged myself several new black eyeliners this month through calendars and beauty boxes so I’m switching between them day by day to try and decide if there any I should stick with or pass on.

This one is very much like the Benefit They’re Real gel liner. Same design, same gel formula only this one seems to works a heck of a lot better. it goes on much more smoothly than the Benefit version. even though I like the formula I just find these weird angled rubber tips difficult to use and It takes me so long to get a decent line out of them I get bored and end up back with a felt liner in my hand.

If you like these types of gel liners you will probably love this but I just don’t. I will perceiver in the hope I can learn to use this properly but it’s not looking hopeful at the moment.


Lastly Too Faced Cat Eye Palette – £32.00

Star product of the month with 9 stunning shades of eyeshadow, 3 of which are designed to be used wet as a liner and comes with a little instruction book for 3 different looks.

The shadows are super blendable and quick to apply which come housed in a sturdy metal case with a leopard print design.

The size of the palette is great too and will be very good for adding to my traveling make up bag for a range of day time and night time looks making it a versatile palette to own.

It is a pricey little number but if you can grab it in a sale (I know T K Maxx have had some in some stores recently) it is well worth buying and I’d defiantly recommend it. 

It does how ever feel a bit like Look Incredible are relying on this product “carrying” the rest of the box.



All in all I’m still a bit confused as to whether I should stick with this box. I have had some really cool products from it and others that just aren’t up to standard. What do you guys think I should I keep it?

All so keep your eyes peeled this month I couldn’t resist an extra Christmas treat with a one-off bumper beauty box from This is Powder (I had to I know I’m weak willed…) so a review of that will be coming up too and we have the rest of the Look Fantastic advent calendar to go through yet…Phew busy month!



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