Review: Look Fantanstic January 2017

Happy Sunday Lovelies and Happy new year!

Ok so I know it’s been a while, I had to take an unexpected break from blogging over Christmas and new year because I just had way too much work on. I’ve got a fair bit to update you lot on so I will try to find some time to sit down and get it all down for you but honestly the work load is still pretty hectic.

With the start of a new year I decided it was time to change things up a bit and try out a new subscription service. You all know I’m obsessed with beauty boxes but after a while the same service can start to feel a bit…well… samey.

I decided to give Look Fantastic a go because I just love the advent calendar so much and I have to say so far, I’m really impressed!

The account and website just don’t match up to Birchbox, it doesn’t have the same engaging feel to it but I’d say the service is better by miles. Prices start from £13 per month including delivery (Birchbox comes in at £12.95 including P&P) so the come in at pretty much the same cost but there is no personalisation element to Look Fantastic. I actually kind of think that’s nice in a way, While I love the fact that different people will receive different things there have been some months with Birchbox where some customers will receive 2 full size products and others will only get one and that annoys me somewhat. At least this way everyone knows they are getting the same value of contents.

I have kept my Birchbox subscription for now but I feel it won’t be long before it gets axed. I was so impressed with delivery time though. My Birchbox has even been dispatched yet and this one has already arrived! I signed up on an impulse on the 3rd of January and by the 5th the postman had left me a card telling me to go and collect it.


Onto the contents…

The box design felt very fitting this month with its “so the adventure begins” logo and I loved the little inspirational quote inside the lid. I think Birchbox have to take the win on box design as I still love their reusable drawer designs however this box does feel much more sturdy that Birchbox’s offerings.

The packing inside was much nicer too with the products cushioned on shredded paper and all wrapped in smart black tissue.

For your £13 you will get 6 products, 4 of which this month are full size (How good is that??!) and there was only one thing in the box I was really that bothered about having so for me this edition is already a winner.

You also get a copy of January’s Elle Magazine and although I don’t tend to be one for glossy mags it was a nice edition and I had a quick flick through with a coffee.

The First product I pulled out of the box was a pair of slanted tweezers in Rose Gold by The Vintage Cosmetics Company (RRP £8.00)

Obviously a full-size product, This is the product I couple take or leave just purely because I have so many pairs of tweezers kicking around the house and being a firm believer in the art of waxing I honestly don’t use the ones I have all that much.

That said they are defiantly superior quality to any other pair I own. Lovely colour and I’m sure on the large side compared to other pairs I have and the feel very light weight. Other than that I don’t think there is much I can say about a pair of tweezers. They are fit for purpose but they can only do so much, I’m never going to be blown away by a pair of tweezers.


The next product in the box was a 35ml sample of Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion (£14.00 for full size)

I love Nuxe as a brand but they do seem to crop up in beauty boxes a lot so it would have been nice to see something else included. That said I haven’t tried this product before and it is from a fragrance range I haven’t used before either. I can be fairly certain some people really will not like this product. It has a rose scent to it which is a scent people either seem to love or hate. Personally, I’m in the love it camp so I’m very happy to give this one a trial run.

I always think toner is a very underrated step in a beauty routine so I’m always glad to see one included and people given the chance to see what it can do for them. The active ingredient in this one being Rose is going to have a calming effect on the skin so also suitable for those of a sensitive skin type. Over all I thought it was a good toner, very hydrating and did help calm my skin which has been a bit dehydrated and flaky lately (I really should drink less coffee and more water!)


The next product was a 30ml sample of Brigeo “Don’t Despair Repair” Deep conditioning mask (£30.00 for full size)

I’m really into hair masks right now after getting a sample pot of Christopher Robins Conditioning mask in my advent calendar which I just completely feel in love with. I have been trying out loads of different ones so I’m pleased to have another to try. I’m not 100% sure I like the smell of this one I can’t really put my finger on what the smell is though.

I haven’t given it a go yet but I did run a tiny bit through my ends as a sort of make shift serum and it really did give it a nice shine. It’s a thinner mask than the types I have been using but that might not be a bad thing to put something a bit more lightweight on my hair for a few washes. 

I will say though that if you have long thick hair like me this little sample is not going to go very far at all. I will be surprised if it does more than one mask.


The next product was Something I already own so it will probably get passed onto a friend. Pixi Brow tamer, full sized product (£12.00) 

I Just don’t need two tubes of this but effectively it is just a clear mascara. That’s not to say it doesn’t do a good job though. It is very effective in its prescribed purpose! I have been using mine a lot since I got it in December and it really will fix brows in place. A little too well if you overdo it though. This stuff is pretty solid when it is on and I would say it can make brows feel a little bit inflexible so sometimes too much can make an expression of surprise feel a bit weird on your face.

As always with Pixi I love their clean smart packaging and I would love to try more from their range. With brows continuing to be big news and the feathered brow taking over the headlines I think including this in the January edition is bang on trend.


Next up was a full-size mascara, Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes (RRP £17.95).

Honestly, I have never rated Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics and have always found them over priced for something not overly special. This one however has really impressed me, OK so it’s never going to be my favourite go to but it is a decent mascara. It’s completely different wand that I normally like (I tend to prefer short rubber type bristles on a curved wand like Maybelline Lashsensation or Roller lash) but it separated my lashes well without any problems of clumping.

It has been holding up well throughout the day and it is nice to find something a bit different in the box. This brand isn’t one I hear a lot of people talking about so it get to see some variety in a beauty box.


The last thing in the box was a full-size Trifle Cosmetics Liquid Glow (RRP 15.96)

This was the thing I was most excited by in this box. I really am a sucker for a pretty highlighter and this one is as pretty as they come. Applies in quite a sheer way but very blendable and buildable. It has a beautiful rosy pink colour with plenty of shimmer.

It feels very creamy and smooth but I would say it is closer to a cream than a liquid. Again, it’s great to see little known brands included in such a well-established beauty box and it’s such a great pick for this edition. I’m completely in love with this highlighter and I can see this becoming a favourite over the coming months.


Over all I am really impressed with this box. It has a great variety of products, great value for money (The highlighter alone has a higher value than I paid for the box) and the delivery time was fantastic.

Based on just how good this box has been I can’t wait for next months! I think this box maybe my new favourite or maybe a very close second to the adhoc Powder Drawers.

Does anyone else get these boxes? What did you think of this month’s Look Fantastic picks?

If you fancy one of your own boxes you can still sign up for the January edition click here and you can get an extra discount too.



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