Review: Birchbox January 2017 Sprinkle Happiness

Happy Wednesday Lovelies

I hope your all still managing to keep up with all those pesky new year resolutions 🙂

So, a new month means a new Birchbox, Some of you might have seen that I recently signed up to Look Fantastic too and honestly This could well be my last Birchbox. I have said in the past that they can be very inconsistent. Some months are amazing and the last 3 or 4 months of the year impressed me but this month has left me feeling very disappointed.

So Here is this month’s content…


First up Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo (sample size – £13.95 for full size)

So, this is the one this in the box I am even remotely pleased with. Honestly my hair needs a deep cleanse every now and again since I have a bad habit of using too much dry shampoo so this is useful. That said there has been a lot of hit and miss reviews of this product and people saying it made their hair feel greasier and some have used the words “stringy” or “clumpy”.

Thank fully I did find that to be the case and it seems to have worked well for me and it left my hair feeling soft and very clean which is just what I would expect from a clarifying shampoo.

It doesn’t seem to lather up as much as a regular shampoo but hey if it does the job I’m happy.


Nails Inc Nail Polish (sample size – £14.00 for full size)

Now the product annoyed me, don’t get me wrong I love Nails Inc polishes they are one of the best out there however I also received one of these mini Nail Polishes a few months back in my Birchbox. I’m annoyed they are sending out repeat products and just to add insult to injury it’s a horrific shade

This one came in the shade Shepherds Market which really isn’t my colour at all. It’s a blue glitter polish and garish. It reminds me a lot of the polishes you get in Claire’s accessories. Since it is a glitter it’s gloopy and not smooth to apply at all, this is what I find with all glitter polishes it something about the combination of the glitter and the solvents for drying in the polish which don’t mix well together. However, on a positive note it is Nails Inc so should be pretty chip proof if you can apply it well enough.

In my opinion this is just bad planning by Birchbox and there should be a solution in place to stop customers receiving repeat products.


Lord & Berry Concealer Stick in Beige (full size – £12.00)

This was my other big annoyance in this box. In principle, I’m not against the product itself and in fact I do quite like Lord and Berry as a brand. This concealer is surprisingly creamy and blends very smoothly and has a good wear time if set properly. All I would say is it felt a bit greasy to me so I suspect creasing is going to be an issue.

My issue with this product is another issue with Birchbox’s bad planning. Every subscriber is encouraged to fill out their beauty profile to make sure they get products relevant for them. My beauty profile states my skin tone as Ivory so why have Birchbox sent me this concealer in the medium shade and not the fair?? As I suspected when I tried it, the wrong colour for my fair skin.

I mean what is the point in us filling out a profile if Birchbox don’t take any notice of it? If you do have enough product to include one for me in a fair shade, then send me something else more suitable!


Whish Shave Crave Acai and Grapefruit Shaving Cream (sample size – £14.80 for full size)

Oh, how does a girl get excited about shaving cream? does anyone know? Coz I must say I’m struggling with this one. Granted it smells lovely but I’m not sure the smell alone makes it worth £15.

I will give this a go but I won’t be able to try it for a while since we are about to do our waxing training at college and we are all under pain of death if we go anywhere near a razor right now.

As far as I can tell thought it’s a nice cream, you don’t need very much but it doesn’t lather up like a regular cream since it is designed to be moisturising and like I said it has a lovely fresh scent. I tried a little on the back of my hand and it did feel like it helps to add a bit of moisture too. Not a bad product just not exciting.


Merci Handy Hand Cream in Cherry (full size – £4.90)

Again, another product that just doesn’t feel like anything exciting. It’s a nice cream in a different scent to the hand sanitising gel they sent me some months back (I didn’t think that was particularly exciting either). It smells absolutely nothing like cherry which really, I’m glad about since I hate anything cherry scented or flavoured and it does feels very hydrating and softening. Not a particularly big size considering this is a full-size tube but then again, I have so many massive tubes of hand cream floating around the house I just struggle to get through them.

I can’t really say a lot about it to be honest, It’s a hand cream… nice but again very unexciting. I just feel that Birchbox couldn’t have really put less effort into this month’s box and in the year, I have subscribed now this is defiantly the worst one I have ever had from them.


So, there you are! included this month I have a repeated product and honestly some pretty uninteresting ones too. Birchbox pride themselves on the fact that they match products to your beauty profile. My beauty profile states I have an Ivory skin tone and they have sent me a product in a medium shade…confused? yeah so was I!

I also know from experience there is no point in complaining to them. The last time I did they had absolutely no interest in hearing my complaint or finding a resolution for me.

I just can’t be bothered to be disappointed with them any more so even if they do have good months I just don’t feel it’s worth the money any more when you consider that Look Fantastic sent out 6 products this month including 2 make-up products and 4 were full size.

I’m sorry this has been a rant review but you guys know I’m nothing if not honest and I just don’t think Birchbox is standing-up but to be counted among their competitors any more. What do you guys think am I over reacting or is anyone else getting fed up with them?



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